Refresher-Accelerator Program (RAP™) – Building Sustainability, Agility and Resilience via ERM

Module 1: Building Sustainability, Agility and Resilience via ERM

  • Define the meaning and scope of Enterprise Risk Management as well as its linkage to Sustainability, Agility and Resilience.
  • Elucidate the role of ERM in creating value.
  • Explain the linkage of ERM to strategy and performance and strategic risk identification and various integration issues.
  • Distinguish the differences between various ERM frameworks (e.g. COSO 2004, COSO 2017 and ISO 31000).
  • Identify important and relevant components of an ERM framework and construct a practical ERM framework for their organisation.
  • Relate the benefits of the Objective Centric and Strategic approach to ERM over the normal taxonomy approach adopted by most organisations.
  • Describe what an effective ERM framework structure and process (i.e. Enhanced/Advanced ERM attributes) should look like and evaluate their own organisational framework and processes in line with best practice.
  • Outline leading ERM concepts and practices.

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