Global Conference 2019

Global Conference 2019

8th July 2019
Pre Conference Masterclass

9th – 10th July 2019

11th July 2019
Post Conference Masterclass

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore” – Christopher Columbus

Why must you attend this event?

In 2018, geo-political and geo-economic tensions took center stage. Conflicts between major powers highlighted the interconnectedness of the world’s economies and exposed their vulnerabilities. This year, experts and leaders globally contend with ongoing threats while at the back of their minds, they wonder if the coming months will answer the question of whether another financial crisis is at hand. The continuing uncertainty surrounding Brexit, increased volatility in commodity markets, the unpredictability of the White House, rising social instability worldwide, US-China friction, an economic slowdown in China, and ongoing conflicts in the Middle East are only some of the drivers of uncertainty affecting the global business outlook ahead. Meanwhile, as Artificial Intelligence grows ever-more sophisticated, entities worldwide are racing to innovate, hoping to develop the tools and technologies that will propel them ahead of their competitors.

Needless to say, entities in virtually every industry and country are reminded all too frequently that they operate in a risky global landscape. Organisations of all types face risks that can suddenly propel them into global headlines, creating complex enterprise-wide risk events that threaten brand, reputation and, for some, their very survival. The widespread sentiment is that we are entering uncharted territory, and we are dealing with “the New Wave,” where international dynamics are shifting, where global security is ever-weakening, and the old systems we have come to rely on are being disrupted.

These and a host of other significant drivers are all contributing to the risk dialogue in Boardrooms and executive suites. Expectations of key stakeholders regarding the need for greater transparency about the nature and magnitude of risks undertaken in executing an organisation’s corporate strategy continue to be high. There are increasing calls for management to design and implement effective risk management, as well as develop the capabilities to identify and assess the organisation’s key risk exposures, with the intent of being better able to manage them and manipulate the potential opportunities.

In the 6th Annual IERP® Global Conference, the world’s foremost experts address the critical issues most relevant to the current economy. The message is that the rapid pace of change in the global business environment presents a multitude of hazards for entities of all types. Now more than ever, organizations are called to see beyond business-as-usual. Disruptive change represents a choice – which side of the change curve do organizations wish to be on? Remaining complacent will only place you in the position of becoming captive to events. Thus, over these two days, we invite you instead to take part in some of the most important conversations occurring in the business world today — so that you will be able to chart your own course.

Expect to gain premier insight into:

• Identifying the key drivers and enablers of disruption
• Providing tools to properly identify, understand and respond to Strategic Risks
• Building a sustainable, agile and resilient organisation via effective ERM and GRC capabilities
• Utilising effective ERM practices to drive disruptive strategies and respond to disruptors
• Managing emerging risks effectively and harnessing potential opportunities arising from these risks
• Establishing and sustaining effective GRC and Oversight capabilities.

Who Should Attend

• Chairman, Presidents
• Executive Directors, Managing Directors
• Directors, Assistant Directors
• Board and Committee Members
• Company Secretaries
• Senior VPs, Executives VPs, VP
• Corporate Legal Counsels, Advisors
• Regulators
• General Managers, Deputy Manager,
• Partners, Associates
• Senior Executive, Managers of:

o Enterprise Risk Management
o Risk Management
o Strategic Planning
o Credit Risk
o Project Management
o Internal Audit
o Internal Control
o Corporate Strategy
o Finance
o Business Analyst
o Etc.

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