Global Conference 2017

Today’s market is full of disruptive forces across all industries and geographies, with no signs of easing. But the fastest growing firms find opportunities at every turn, taking market challenges and transforming them into competitive advantages.

We need to realize that much of what we think we know about how the world works is wrong. That is, we need to get a handle on the disruptive forces transforming the global economy and identify the long-standing trends that are breaking. Doing so, we can also develop the courage and foresight to clear the intellectual decks and prepare to respond. These lessons apply as much to policy makers as to business executives, and the process of resetting your internal navigation system can’t begin soon enough.

Some of the key features of this Enterprise Risk Management conference included:

  • Dealing with Geo-Political Risk issues – including a Trump presidency and China-South China Sea issues
  • Big Data and Predictive Analytics as a critical cornerstone of effective strategies
  • Technology: Driving the trend of disruption?
  • Heightened Cyber Security and Fraud threats

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